Kona is Open for Business

Aloha Big Island Fans,

With all of the news about the Kilauea Volcano activity, I want to pass along the latest from the Hawaii Tourism Authority.  The volcano has been actively erupting since 1983  (35 years) and it is separated from Kona by 2 giant mountains and 75-100 miles.  Kona has been largely unaffected by the recent volcanic activity that has been in the headlines.  The affected areas are confined to the south east corner of the island.



Link to the recent press release from Hawaii Tourism Authority


  • So glad to hear that you are open. My mom and I will be your guests in July. We are looking forward to our visit. We are from San Luis Obispo and I was excited to read that you are California transplants.

    • Aloha Audrey,
      I went to Cal Poly SLO back in the day. Looking forward to meeting you and your mom.

  • It’s probably been 20 years since we stayed at Hale Maluhia. Since then we have stayed at BnB’s all over, and Hale Maluhia is still our all-time favorite, so much so that we named a cabin cruiser Maluhia. If we ever get back to the Big Island, and I hope we do, we will head straight up the hill to Hale Maluhia!

    • Aloha Darrell,
      We look forward to your return here!

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